Mark James

Sleight Of Hand Magic & Comedy

Mark James is a sleight of hand magician who fuses comedy with magic, juggling and other vaudevillian variety skills to create a unique show that's suitable for any audience.

Easy Magic DVD - Tricks To Fool Your Friends


Easy Magic DVD - Tricks To Fool Your Friends


A DVD filled with EADY TO DO MAGIC TRICK for kids and beginners!

Contents include:

Find The Lady - The Classic card trick where the spectators can't find the lady!

Reading You Mind - An interactive illusion that you can follow along to and have YOUR mind read

The Balancing Glass - Take a playing card and magically balance a glass onto its edge. It's amazing!

The Four Ace Trick - Make the Four Aces appear from a regular deck of cards as if by magic!

The Cups & Balls - Now it's your chance to learn the oldest trick in World!

Water to Ice - Magically change a change a cup of water into cubes of Ice!

Matchbox Prediction - An amazing trick in which you know exactly what the audience are thinking!

Jumping Rubber Band - Make a rubber band pass through your fingers as if by magic!

The Vanishing Coin - Borrow any coin and make it disappear, you choose if you want to bring it back!

The Haunted Finger Ring - Learn to make a borrowed ring move on it's own UP a rubber band!


Worldwide Playback

Shot in HD (1920x1080)

Interactive Menus

Contents and cover may vary from advertised. 


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PHOTO CREDITS: Magic Castle: Brian, Taylor Wong. Sideshow Tricks: Becki Staff, Kris Rubens, Jason Randall. Cromer Pier: Paul Macro Promotional and Main Site Photography: Charles Leek, Viking Line: Matthew Wright. House Of Cards: Rebecca RIsley.