Mark James

Sleight Of Hand Magic & Comedy

Mark James is a sleight of hand magician who fuses comedy with magic, juggling and other vaudevillian variety skills to create a unique show that's suitable for any audience.


Sideshow Tricks is a full evening theatre show. The performance lasts for 2.5 hours including a 25 minute interval. Available for theatres and special events. This show combines sleight of hand magic and comedy with the world of the 'sideshow'.

In this show you'll see Mark hammer a 6 inch nail into his nose, eat fire, read minds, escape a strait jacket, swallow a sword (kind of), perform incredible feats of balance and finally answer the question ‘How long is a piece of string?’
Direct from a national theatre tour and a two year residency at Viva Blackpool, the show is suitable for all ages although it does come with a PG rating due to the dangerous nature of some of the material. 

Due to the size of the set it is not available for smaller stages (minimum stage must be 22ft long x 8ft deep).  


A unique combination of magic and storytelling. (15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes)

Chapter One: ERDNASE. A man whose identity remains unknown once wrote the most revered book in the history of magic. Was he a gambler, a cheat, a magician or something else entirely? His true identity remains a mystery. Mark uncovers the potential suitors and comes to some surprising conclusions whilst demonstrating the amazing magic for which his seminal book is so well regarded. 

Chapter Two: MELVYN. In 1907 a young boy took his first breath. Before his last he became one of the world's most celebrated sideshow performers. Billed as 'The Anatomical Wonder' and famed for hammering a solid steel nail into his face via the nostril! Whilst his stunt was extraordinary, his life was even more interesting. Mark shares his story along with a performance of that infamous sideshow stunt. 

There are four parts to Curious Mysteries. Those above are just two examples. Perfect for after dinner, story telling festivals or literary theatre shows.


1. A characteristic attribute, talent, or trait that is helpful in securing recognition or attention.

2. An entertainment routine or gimmick.

3. A 15 - 60 minute magic show (usually 45 minutes) that fuses sleight of hand magic with comedy, juggling and variety arts in a unique way that's perfect for the whole family. This show is available internationally and works in almost any space with minimal requirements. 

It can be tailored to suit your requirements and customised to suit your audience. Mark performs this one man cabaret style variety show roughly 200 times per year all over the world, so you know you'll be in safe hands. 

In any given performance you could see Mark eat fire, juggle mouse traps, act out a silent movie for a card trick, perform amazing sleight of hand or even pull a table cloth from underneath a vase full of flowers while balancing the table itself on his chin!


This show is perfect for 'audience with' type daytimes or evenings, relaxed environments without formal stage settings or colleges and universities. In this show Mark will perform a wide variety of eclectic pieces spanning his entire catalogue of material. 

There will also be accompanying explanation about how they were written along with information on their history and the magicians whose shoulders they're standing on. 

You'll know everything there is to know about the tricks with the exception of how they work...

This can last up to 90 minutes including a Q&A session. 

PHOTO CREDITS: Magic Castle: Brian, Taylor Wong. Sideshow Tricks: Becki Staff, Kris Rubens, Jason Randall. Cromer Pier: Paul Macro Promotional and Main Site Photography: Charles Leek, Viking Line: Matthew Wright. House Of Cards: Rebecca RIsley.